Thursday, October 2, 2008

See Spot. See Spot 600 Times.

Here's baby B. settling in on the beach with Beach Bugs, the latest in a series of beloved pop-up books full of all sorts of crazy bug-eyed bugs created by Salt Lake City native David A. Carter.

One of David's most recent feats of paper engineering is 600 Black Spots, inspired by the work of artists such as Matisse and Mondrian. We are thrilled to have working models from the book, along with specifications for the dies used to cut pieces which are then assembled by hand to create the pop-ups. And of course we've got a copy of the book on our gallery bookshelf. Come see if you can find all 600 black spots!


SMA said...

David Carter is so much cooler than Sabuda.

Mahesh said...

nice book for children.


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